Aug 09, 2018

Terrace Beauty

if you've been keeping up with our social media pages, you may be familiar with some of these photos but what you haven't seen is what it looked like before... Technically, we can't call it a 'new home' build, although we did completely strip the inside bare to the bone. The surrounding structure was there, we just needed to work with the clients to their living and design requirements in order to come up with the best outcome aligned with the budget. We love the outcome! Consistent design elements right through, we developed an awesome (nearly new) home, using the terrace layout to give it character that was contemporary, whilst incorporating original elements such as sandstone upon entry and splashed inside, as well as the original exposed brick in the staircase. These give hints to the history of the building, whilst sitting perfectly with the new decor. Check out the photos below for some before and afters, as well as our houzz and alts & adds #48 for more detail and description. 


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