May 24, 2023

choosing a feature tree

landscaping is all about enhancing the external areas to be practical and visually appealing. from the visual component, one of the most important elements is plant selection and a lot of these selections can often revolve around a feature tree, or trees. a feature tree can be many things; such as one tree placed front and centre in the yard, a row of trees to line the driveway or even a pot in the corner of a deck, but whatever it is, it's designed to catch the eye. that is why when it comes to selecting your features there are a few things you must take into consideration.

the first thing is the placement in the yard, how big is the space and where it is on your property. all different species of trees grow to different shapes and sizes, so it is important to know what you are planting in relation to where it is going. for example, if you are planting behind a retaining wall you do not want to plant a species that will get too large and could damage structure. placement is also important in terms of how much light the tree will be getting or will be blocking. if it is a space in your yard with limited light you will need a partial-shade tolerant species, or if it is any area where you want to maximise sun you will look for smaller features that do not get to large.

the next factor you want to consider is making sure the type of tree fits the style of your landscape. you want to make sure that you use your feature tree as a way to convey the theme and vibe of your garden.a tropical or coastal garden might use palms or a frangipani as features where as formal gardens might use as magnolia or a row of pear trees. there is always many options of features to suit your landscape so once you have gone through these considerations, ultimately it comes down to what you love the most. have a look below at some of our projects over the years.