Jun 28, 2018

Landscape Project

You may not hear of the landscaping team as much as you should but they're on fire this year! Lead by Tom, the boys have had some really cool projects including our usual (top notch) maintenance as well as hard landscape elements, and fantastic planting projects with the plants sourced from the Beecraft Nursery. This project in particular has been a great one. After the clients bought the house earlier this year, the boys were sent in only a week after settlement and have been making awesome improvements all around the garden. This meant matching new with existing elements, as well as recommending new plants and features to improve and complement the home. If we were to explain in detail everything we did over this project you could be reading all day so check out some photos of before and after (see landscape #14 for more of the finished project).




Plants used:
1. 12 Magnolia little gems 
2. 400+ Japanese box 
3. 30 x Lilly Pillys on the back fence line
4. 30+ Gardenias
5. 8 x citrus trees (2x lemon, lime, orange, 4 x cumquat) 
6. Viburnums 
7. 1 x large Lilly Pilly cone
8. 4 x Japanese Box trough pots
9. Bay tree cylinders
10. 6 x money trees
11. 2 x buxus balls
12. 6 x English balls
13. 5 x Olive trees
14. Herbs



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