Oct 07, 2019

Supporting Australian grass roots - Blast off!

Over 300 eager grommets flocked to the shores of the northern beaches to compete in the 14th annual, Hurley BL's Blast off, Presented by Beecraft. Once again, another epic event! If you don't already know, we love surfing and we love supporting Australian grass roots. After checking out what the kids were getting up to in the water this year, Australian surfing is in good hands with the groms absolutely ripping it up. The kids seem to be getting younger and more enthusiastic each yeah with the Beecraft youngest grom award going to a 4 year old!! We love being involved as it's an event that some of the beecraft boys have surfed in when they were younger so we're a long time supporter. Barton does such an incredible job for the kids in making it the week it is, with great surfing, games, prizes, and learning experiences in and out of the water. This year they had they hurley surf club van for personalised coaching after the heats where coaches could critic the kids' surfing and strategy. Terry Olsen was back again teaching the kids about about aboriginal culture through story, song and dance, paying respect to our first people. It's hard to squeeze the jam packed week into one summary without writing an essay so here are some photos from the event. Congratulations to Barton, his team, and all participants on an incredible competition - see you in 2020!


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