Jul 26, 2016

from the ground up


a couple of years ago, nick abrahams left beecraft to embark on a new adventure like many young men, to go travelling. we were sorry to see him go, however since then, he has headed over to Nepal to assist in rebuilding houses that were lost in a major earthquake. along with others, nick began the organisation 'from the ground up' and looking at the work he has completed, we are proud to say he was once a part of the beecraft family. 'from the ground up' is a not for profit organisation that is rebuilding the many homes that were lost in the devastating earthquake, that took the lives of almost 9000 people. check out the website to learn more of what they are doing and how they are making a difference. love your work nick, and everyone else that is involved. 

PS - how good is the Beecraft shirt over in Nepal! Glad it made the cut into your suitcase Nick.



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