Jun 06, 2019

2019 City2Surf: The Brain Cancer Group

One of our boys has teamed up with some mates in making a City2Surf fundraising team and we're backing them! They're fundraising for The Brain Cancer Group in the lead up to one of the world's largest fun runs stretching 14km from Hyde Park to shores of Bondi beach. They've set up their everyday hero team page - 'U-Brain Bolt' - and are recruiting family, friends, colleagues and the greater community to raise money and run for The Brain Cancer Group and their incredible work. This is focused on improving patient outcomes across the spectrum – from patient care to working towards finding a cure for this devastating disease. We've been a huge fan and long term supporter of the Brain Cancer Group and are keen to help the team get as many runners and funds as possible. So how can you get involved? Join their team to help fundraising here, donate to their U-Brain Bolt team page here, and check out The Brain Cancer Group Website for more info. We're encouraging all the Beecraft Team to get involved, as well as family, friends, clients and anyone we can think of. Love your work guys! 


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