Mar 28, 2018

Recently completed: lindfield

We love this job! It was a fantastic project for beecraft as it required multiple beecraft services - planning, construction, architectural design, interior design and landscape. Because of this, members from our various divisions were working on and visiting the site throughout different stages. The clients were great to work with, and we look forward to continuing this relationship as we finish the driveway and garden beds out the front (existing part) of the house. Project management of the job was led by Michael Baker, while Marty was site manager, looking after for his team of Luis, Dan, Haydn and Nathan. Our interior designer Or, worked seamlessly with the clients, alongside Michael and Marty to make sure it looked as good on the inside as it did on the outside. Tom heads up the landscaping division and cleared the garden on day 1, and finished the back yard towards the end (and will continue with the driveway plans). Scotty looks after the truck and logistics and was there regularly from the start, through to the end. Huge team effort and we love it. Have a look at the finished product and a little bit of construction along the way below, or check out: kitchen # 37 alts & adds #41 bathroom #39 bathroom #40 swimming pool #22 and outdoor areas #18

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