Jan 14, 2019

Newport New Home



this was a really cool project for the beecraft team down in Newport on Sydney's northern beaches. beecraft building, design and landscape teams all worked together to make this project really come to life and it looks stunning. a tricky block for the crew, on a steep hill so plenty of manual labour but the boys are in good shape so it was just another day. this one consists of the garage down the bottom and two independent apartment-style abodes fully fitted and furnished. a fantastic idea and investment given the location and the nature of the property with plenty of room to move. either or both could be rented, or maybe put the (older) kids in their own space. we absolutely love it! not only a great idea but the end result is magnificent, both including ample living, kitchen and dining room spaces with superb balconies featuring outdoor seating perfect for waking up with a coffee or kicking back with a drink in the afternoon. come to think of it... perfect for any time! what you can't see is even more backyard towards the top of the property with tropical style garden and freshly laid turf. so if you've given the front balconies a workout, how about a drink out the back? the landscape team was in and out through the final stages of the project and it's amazing to see what a bit of greenery does spruce the place up once the building is done. plenty of palms and lilly pillys straight from the beecraft nursery but even smaller ground cover around stepping stones behind the garage definitely brightens up the walkthrough. check out new homes #16 for more photos of the finished product and stay tuned for more to come. 





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