Apr 03, 2019

Beecraft Blood Donations

We've got a few new community events in the works this year and giving blood is one of them! Beecraft has signed up to a red25 group with the red cross which facilitates group blood donations. It's been a lot of fun so far with some of the boys on site and team in the office making donations. Many of us have been meaning to do it for a long time but never gotten around to it but the coordinators at the red cross make it an extremely efficient, safe and enjoyable experience where it feels good to donate. Whether is for the free juices and milkshakes, or just getting involved, thanks to everyone everyone who has been donating with us. While we're young and eligible, there's no reason not to and we're looking forward to a few more donations this year. You might have seen us posting a little bit on our instagram stories or on facebook but if not, here are some of the team doing their bit! 

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